WIPAZY Damaged Screw Extractor – Remover for Stripped Head Screws Nuts & Bolts | Drill Bit Tools for Easy Removal of Broken & Rusty Hardware | High Speed Steel | Superb Gift for Men

With our WIPAZY screw extractor bits, removing stripped, painted over, rusted or rounded screws & bolts has never been easier or more efficient!

With our 6 piece set, you will hardly run into a screw or bolt that can’t be extracted.

Product Information:💌

1. Material – HSS steel, titanium plating on the surface

2. Shank Type – Hex Shank

3. Size:#0 #1, #2, #3, #4

1) Removes screw size: 2-3mm/0.08~0.12in

2) Removes screw size: 3-5mm/0.12~0.2in

3) Removes screw size: 4-8mm/0.16~0.31in

4) Removes screw size: 5-10mm/0.2~0.39in

5) Removes screw size: 6-12mm/0.24~0.47in

🔩Instructions for use

➭Step 1
– First, you must make sure that the screws used
are smaller than the screws you want to remove.
Make sure there is enough space to drill holes of
appropriate size for the screw extraction.

➭Step 2
– Start with the drill tip and drill down to create a smooth hole.
Must be vertical and low speed when drilling,
reverse use this bit, drill the first hole deeper
will easier to take out

➭Step 3

– Switch the drill bit to the extraction tip.
Still keep the drill reverse and lower speed.
The extraction tip will bite into the screw
and pull out the damaged screw.
It can be easily removed in just a few seconds!

💘Warm Tips :

– Whether it is drilling or extracting screws,
the drill bit must be kept Reverse and Low speed

– It is best to use electric hand drill,
can not be used the hammer drill mode!

– Please allow 1-5mm errors due to manual measurement.

– Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.

– Place it in a dry place to avoid rusting.

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🟡[FULL BRAND WARRANTY] We noticed 2 unsatisfied​ surveys. To avoid this, it is important for us to place more emphasis on How–To–Properly–Use this trustworthy bit set for fast efficient results🅰️Needed: Usual power drill/screwdriver, Pick suitable bit size, Little tolerance & confidence🅱️Drill is always on reverse mode1️⃣DRILL IN: At nearly 0 speed, go until all the part side is deep in the bolt2️⃣EXTRACT: Insert the entire thread part inside and at slowest speed it will bite and screwed out