Cobee Heavy Duty Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable One-Handed Spring Impact, Spring Loaded Tension Center Push Tool for Men Women Center Hole Punch Tool for Machinists, Carpenters(2 Pcs)


1. Easy to Operate: This convenient center positioning punch does not require a hammer to operate, press the center punch downward to complete the positioning work.

2. Adjustable Tension: The screw at the top can be twisted and used to adjust the striking force, you can adjust it just right.

3. Not Easy to Slide: The surface is deeply patterned to provide more precise operation and control. Each metal-hardened and chrome-plated tip can last for thousands of blows, so you can get the job done easily.

Multi-function Center Punch:

Our automatic center puncher works not only for wood and metal but also for various use and can be prepared for emergencies.

Caution: Always wear safety glasses when operating tools.


Size: 12.8 x 1.27×1.27cm/5 x 0.5 x 0.5inch

Material: High-Quality Steel

Color: Black

Package List:

2 x Automatic Center Punch
Car Window Escape Tool: You have found a reliable car safety tool! That is because our automatic center punch is not only suitable for wood and metal but is also capable of shattering glass car windows in a small size which means you can leave one in the armrest box of your car and always be ready. Just use it in the corner of your car window and it will shatter and fall out and get away.
Professional Design: Cobee super-strong self-starting hand punch tool has a spring-loaded mechanism that can be used in wood, metal, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and many more marks. This industrial center punch gives you a starting point for your drill, making it easier so it will not slip in tight places.
Premium Material: Our center punch is made of hardened steel and consists of a chrome-plated tip and a high-quality stainless steel body with deep knurling, which means it will not slip, providing more precise operation and control, durable for long-term use, and the hardened and tempered carbon steel tip can withstand all surfaces.
Easy to Use: Automatically done by pressing with one hand, no hammer needed. These quality center punches provide precision and accuracy when marking hole centers, now you can easily start the process of pre-drilling or making reference marks.
Widely Used: Automatic center hole punch is suitable for a variety of tasks, such as marking on materials, car emergency tools, furniture installation, machine maintenance, alternative emergency hammer, and Iron plate positioning, wood positioning, wall positioning, etc.Suitable for wood, iron, ordinary steel and other materials.