KOTOKI Edc Key Chain Screwdriver Portable Lock Picking Tool Screwdriver Tool Set Men’S Favorite Keychain Screwdriver Gadget

Product description The size of the screwdriver combination is Material is made of precision cast steel. Two styles function – screwdriver and + screwdriver. Installed directly on the keychain carry-on tool, it can solve many small maintenance problems in life, is a good little gift.
Small tool Size is perfect for carrying at all times Outdoor Travel Home Office is a fine screwdriver set
Multifunctional screwdriver keychain is made of precision cast steel to make it stronger and more durable
You will find it beneficial when you have broken door locks, bicycles, when you need it for camping, renovation work
This is a less than $10 but very warm key chain screwdriver tool
Tools are used for a long time will produce wear and tear, accept its imperfection after all, it is such a convenient to carry, cute and exquisite gift it can solve the small worries of life for your family